Sheriff’s Office: Stolen backhoe used for airport commute


MARION, Ill. (WJPF) – A Carbondale man is facing a felony theft charge after police say he stole a backhoe from a construction site and then drove it to the airport.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office says Timothy Baggot took the loader-tractor Thursday, May 18, from a work site near the intersection of Route 13 and Spillway Road.  He successfully drove the tractor over 10 miles to Veterans Airport, only attracting police attention after parking the heavy machinery in the airport parking lot.  After parking, Baggot is seen on security video grabbing his luggage and walking into the airport.

The sheriff’s office does not say Baggott has been arrested, only charged with felony theft.  If you have any information concerning this investigation, please contact the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office at (618) 997-6541.

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